Saxet Infrastructure Group is the operator and asset manager of the Saxet Energy Park, a 33-acre, 300-megawatt grid connected energy campus with application-specific infrastructure built for energy intensive digital currency mining and high-performance computing.

The unique facility was developed by Bootstrap Energy LLC as part of a multi-purpose 115-acre energy campus incorporating various grid-connected energy resources to benefit local area grid resilience and energy trading efficiencies. Saxet Energy Park affords clients an unparalleled degree of freedom and optionality for energy trading and arbitrage strategies to manage opex.

Saxet Energy Park operations and client services will be managed by the Saxet Infrastructure team, led by industry leading executives with deep background in conventional power and renewables, energy trading, software systems, data centers, and hosting services. We focus on reliability.

The Saxet Infrastructure team manages on-site power and cooling infrastructure and data center management systems, delivering best-in-class up-time to ensure our clients consistently achieve their target hashrate with high reliability, dependable services, and cost-efficient operations.