Saxet Infrastructure Group provides clients a robust suite of services to optimize their mining operations, providing best-in-class performance with unmatched energy optionality and therefore a competitive edge over other miners. Together with our valued partners, the Saxet Infra team is laser focused on our clients' success. When our clients grow, we grow.

ERCOT pricing is highly dynamic so we provide our clients complete flexibility in selecting the energy strategy that supports their mining economics. Our retail energy partner gives our clients access to deep analytics, forecasting and energy trading possibilities. Flexibility equals optionality.

The scale of intermittent renewable energy capacity in the ERCOT system is driving volatility, contributing to more frequent scarcity price events. Flexible load resources are highly valuable as a load balancing resource in the renewables-dominant energy market. Voluntary curtailment can help us manage to your energy cost target.

Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business.