Energy Management

Power in YOUR control: Our belief is that the miner should keep their optionality and upside.

ERCOT provides for wholesale and retail market competition. This affords miners with a vast array of optionality in their energy procurement strategy. We believe that optionality should remain in the hands of the miner, and your strategy can remain flexible to react to energy market changes and the occasional volatility inherent in a high renewables system.

We strategize with our client to meet their energy economics by optimizing energy procurement and price-sensitive curtailment. Our dedicated client managers work with each clients to implement a strategy to optimize uptime and mining profitability.

The grid supply mix is dynamic and ever-changing (increasing renewables, more energy storage, more flexible load) so your energy strategy must be adaptive hourly, daily, even seasonally. Saxet Infra will implement your energy strategy in a data driven approach to achieve the lowest energy cost while meeting your corporate risk and collateral goals.

We help our valued clients properly align operational costs with mining economics, while expanding the potential of an additional revenue stream and/or hedge against unprofitable mining.