Hosting Services

Transparent, Enterprise Grade Hosting - service as it should be

As part of our solution, Saxet Infrastructure provides the power, network and rack space necessary to operate the equipment as well as onsite personnel that can perform equipment maintenance activities as directed by you. Our Premier service is a managed offering designed for clients that prefer to be hands-off with the maintenance and upkeep of their equipment. Equipment will be enrolled in Saxet Infrastructure's monitoring system which will proactively alert our team of equipment faults.

Saxet Infrastructure will automatically lead the troubleshooting process and dispatch onsite technicians as needed on behalf of the customer in order to resolve issues with the equipment. Experience a responsive, easy-to-use, and transparent solution that removes the extra layers of equipment and vendor management.

In addition to our world class services, Saxet Infrastructures's clients also have access to on-site ASIC Repair, ASIC Maintenance, board level repair, and logistics Services available upon request.